Fund for the Future


Imagine a day when PAUR requires no active annual fund raising activities to support our Avenues of Service. A day when committee chairs can pursue their local and international good turns with no budget concerns.
With your financial support today, that day is built through a robust local endowment.

TODAY, we must continue to raise dollars annually to support our annual committees’ service projects. Additionally, we must fund our TOMORROWs, with consistent annual contributions and end-of-life bequests to our local endowment, the PAUR “Fund for the Future”.


There are several ways you can contribute to our annual financial operations.
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Rotary Dues & Friday Morning Breakfasts
President’s Club Member Announcements Celebrating Milestones $100
Club Sponsors Annual Donations to Support Avenues of Service >$1k

OUR TOMORROWs in Local Communities

It has been said that in the future, there will be clubs with well-funded endowments and clubs that have merged or closed for lack of members and dollars. Our goal is that PAURC will have a well-funded
endowment. How do we get there?

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today, Because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

– Warren Buffet

In 2013, we created an endowment fund, the “PAUR Fund for the Future” (F4F). It is administered by our club’s endowment committee and the funds are invested and managed by The Rotary Foundation DAF. Additionally, in 2019, we created the Abe Sofaer Heritage Society to recognize members who have contributed of $10,000 or more; OR members who have made the PAUR Fund for the Future part of their estate planning in the amount of $10,000 or more. (Click here for more information This is the Ways to Contribute doc.)

How can you join?

PAUR Fund for the Future Endowment Fund
Planned Giving Opportunities

OUR TOMORROWs in Global Communities


Each November we encourage members to contribute to The Rotary International Annual Fund. There is an expression connected to this fundraising effort – Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY). This means that every member is expected to contribute something. While our average member donation has typically been around $200 per year, members are encouraged to donate as little as $25 to help us reach the EREY goal. These donations are fully tax deductible.


Like the Annual Fund, there is also a campaign in the spring to raise funds specifically targeted to Polio Plus, a longtime major initiative of The Rotary Foundation. Donations from PAURC have averaged around $25 per member. These donations are also fully tax deductible.


MEMBER SPECIFIED CONTRIBUTIONS – Members in the past have asked that their contributions be given
to a specified project, person or purpose. Members that wish to make a specified contribution should be aware that there may not be a standard payment process available. Likewise, the type of contribution may vary in tax treatment. Consequently, please check with the club board to see if a specified contribution can be administered by the club. Further, check with the board and your financial advisor as to the tax treatment of the planned contribution.


We have provided you with a brief description of your giving opportunities and contacts who can answer your questions and
help you implement your financial support.

Thank you for your generous consideration!